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Be the best that you can be
— Mr. Tobin

1.  Download out new mobile APP.  Enable PUSH NOTIFICATIONS to get the latest news! Download instructions here.

2. Be prepared for outside play.

3. Thank you to all our wonderful volunteers!

4. Download Walk-A-Thon sponsor sheets here.

5. Visit Mr. Tobin's blog to see information about the volunteer breakfast and Kinderstart registration.


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 See information about Kinderstart sessions on our School Calendar.



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Chartwell Menu

Chartwell Menu


Mr. Tobin's Blog

Visit Mr. Tobin's blog to see student highlights and other information about our wonderful school.

Upcoming Dates:    

  •  Walk-a-thon will be going ahead on Friday, May 26. See our calendar for details.

                      Student login here

                      Student login here

Click on the CALENDAR in the navigation menu for school events.


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